ATLATL is an open lab platform, providing analysis service based on equipment in the platform, including protein/small molecule interaction detection via MST method, enzyme activity detection,Cell Sorting,Tissue Dissociation,qPCR,Monoclonal Selection,High Throughput Screening, Construction of single cell library. We also provided FTE and PET scientists output for the company to help the client quickly startup project and acceleration, overcoming a temporary shortage of professional scientists in the R&D team of the client.

Cloud Lab

Our cloud lab can help you to solve your research and development needs. ATLATL makes full use of the ecology of Zhangjiang area and cooperates with well-known CRO companies to make the project transfer efficiently and seamlessly. We can equip you with a project director, an independent experimental space. You can watch us do research and development for you anywhere in the world, communicate with you, and experience real-time research and development. Realize real-time R&D in the cloud. Through this layer, the ATLATL platform lowers the soft threshold for drug R&D innovation.

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