We provide a comprehensive protein research and development platform to assist our customers’ protein development projects. ATLATL also provides protein synthesis, purification, separation, chromatography and characterizations, including not limited to recombinant protein expression, antibody production services, customized labeled/unlabeled recombinant proteins, purification and separation of natural proteins, inclusion body denaturation complexation purification, and protein-protein interaction, protein activity, Ab characterization and High throughput screen.


Gene Synthesis

We can provide custom gene synthesis solutions, from short sequences to very long (up to 40kb) genes. Our gene synthesis services include free codon optimization, gene subcloning, site-directed mutagenesis, gene variant library and endotoxin free plasmid preparation.

Our Services:

Protein Expression

ATLATL provides four gene expression systems, including E. coli expression system, insect cells system, protein expression with suspension mammalian cells and yeast expression system. Through a complete protein expression system, we can provide customers with efficient protein expression and purification services for the study of protein structure and function.

Protein Activity

ATLATL has a well-established protein function detection platform, with multifunctional microplate reader covering luminescence, fluorescence, HTRF, ALPHA, BRET and other commonly used detection methods, and high throughput sampling handling system, covering the various enzyme activity detection, protein-protein or protein-small molecule interaction detection, cytokine quantification, etc.

Our Services:


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