The Cell Biology Research Platform, built in collaboration with Miltenyi, Tecan and other global partners, covers cell culture, transfection, cell imaging, intracellular molecular assays, flow cytometry assays and many other cellular research tools. We also provide analytical and testing services to external customers.

Our Services:

Custom Cell Development

Several different kinds of cells and organisms are commonly used as experimental models to study various aspects of cell and molecular biology. Cellular models which can explicitly recapitulate the in vivo physiologic and pathologic processes are the most advanced tools widely used for drug screening for toxicity assessments.
ATLATL could establish cell models according to requirements, such as stable cell lines, drug-resistance cell lines, or isolated primary cells, etc.

Our Services

Gene modification


Cell-based Assays

Cell-based assays are a key component in drug discovery and development. In preclinical research, cell culture assays are frequently used to determine the efficacy and toxicity of candidate drug compounds.

We offer various cell functional assays that target clinically relevant enzymes and bone and adipose cells, which have been specially developed for HTS environments, such as cell health assay, migration/invasion/chemotaxis assay, cellular gene detection and protein expression detection, cellular protein activity or cell-based PPI, etc.

Phenotype assay

Target assay

Functional assay

Immune Cell Function Assay

The complexity of the immune system can be challenging when designing therapies to modulate the immune response. The mechanism research and therapy development of immunology in the fields of biology and medical research provide diversified information. Immune cell function assay has been widely used in many important areas of pharmaceutical analysis in drug discovery and pharmaceutical industries.

ATLATL offers antibody drug evaluation, like ADCC, ADCP, cytokine quantification, using primary cells or commercial cell lines.

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