ATLATL@Zhangjiang is located in the heart of Zhangjiang Pharma Valley, an internationally prestigious high-tech zone in Shanghai. ATLATL has the largest shared Class A laboratory space, designed as a launchpad for high-potential life sciences. It offers fully permitted laboratories and office space for scientists and entrepreneurs.

To meet the demands of growing research teams, ATLATL has developed the first AI-based operation system for the research laboratories. ATLATL provides state-of-the-art facilities, the most advanced instruments, professional operations support, skilled laboratory personnel, on-site CROs, and the most creative Module research services, not only serving early-stage companies, but also supporting fast-growing teams who need to begin laboratory operations from day one.

ATLATL Innovation Cluster naturally builds up an ecosystem: educational and research centers, on-site CROs, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and life sciences companies. ATLATL strives to increase research density and accelerate research commercialization. Innovative teams can jumpstart with turnkey solutions, leverage resources more efficiently, and reach milestones faster than ever.

ATLATL Innovation Exchange

ATLATL embodies an ecosystem of innovators in its first-class chemistry and biology space. We provide comprehensive solutions for growing companies and host programming specific to the interest of life sciences. ATLATL aims to reduce the risk, time and cost for teams to overcome hurdles to milestones. Now, ATLATL is launching a new site at Lin-gang Special Area, and will empower the innovation from more dimensions.



Lingang Fengxian, as a company subordinate to Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co., Ltd., a state-owned enterprise under the administration of Shanghai Municipal Government, is specifically responsible for the development, construction, investment promotion, operation and management of Shanghai Lingang Fengxian Industrial Park.

Lingang Fengxian Industrial Park as an economic park established with the official approval of Shanghai Municipal Government, is now one of the pioneering areas of Lingang Special Area of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, the key sector of Shanghai Lingang Industrial Zone and an important part of Shanghai Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.


Beijing ATLATL International Innovation Platform

Beijing ATLATL International Innovation Platform, AKA ATLATL Beijing, is an international first-class biomedical research accelerator, located in Beijing Zhongguancun Life Science Park. ATLATL Beijing is jointly funded by Dade Chuangtong (Shanghai) Technology Co., LTD., Beijing Changping Science Park Investment Management Co., LTD., and Beijing ZGC Science and Technology Service Co., LTD. By organically integrating Class A-level laboratories, state-of-the art core facilities, cutting-edge R&D resources, dynamic operation and industry-leading expertise on site, ATLATL Beijing provides not only turnkey laboratory space, but professional and customized solutions to empower biomedical innovators to launch startup projects faster than ever and achieve milestones in record time.

ATLATL Beijing plans to build an international innovation hub in 3 phases. Phase I & II, with a total area of 8,600 square meters, focus on the fields of AI drug development, gene editing, vaccine research and development, and brain science. As of January 2022, Phase I has incubated 7 biotech startups, many are AI related. Phase III, a total of 75,000 square meters, plans to build a “Life & Science Valley”, striving to lower entrance barrier, accelerate product commercialization and upgrade industrial ecosystem. ATLATL Beijing is expected to incubate 100 biomedical startups in 5 years and raise 200 million Yuan incubation fund.

At Beijing ATLATL International Innovation Platform, we aim to support all innovative ideas, to promote health and medical industry and to become a go-to destination for biomedical scientists and entrepreneurs.


ATLATL Suzhou Accelerator

ATLATL Suzhou Accelerator (short for Suzhou ATLATL as below), located in BioBAY, Suzhou Industrial Park, is affiliated to Dade chuangtong (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. Resorting to the BioBAY bio-pharmaceutical cluster and the globally first-class biotechnology resources, Suzhou ATLATL takes scientific and technological innovation, accelerating the transformation of scientific research achievements and improving R&D efficiency for purpose.

In order to build an ecosystem suitable for new drug innovation, Suzhou ATLATL’s service refers to R&D period from incubation to transformation. In addition, ATLATL can also provide space, equipments, on-site CRO service, operational management and venture capital from early developing phase to clinical phase for clients involved in new drug development.

Adhering to ATLATL’s co-building and sharing core idea and combining top-level integrated supporting resources, not only does Suzhou ATLATL supply customers with an all-in-one, multi-dimensional, high-efficient and advanced R&D environment, but also reduces a period of time for new drug development by modern scientific management, mature operational system and research innovation promoted by business model innovation. Benefiting from turnkey and ‘pay as you go’ solutions,innovative teams can leverage resources more efficiently, and reach milestones faster than ever.


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