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The ATLATL Center for Innovation & Research is a global innovation research and development center located in the heart of multiple prestigiousscience parks in China, creating a newlife sciences ecosystem by partnering with entrepreneurs, investors, pharmaceutical companies, and service companies.
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Cloud Lab

Our cloud lab can help you to solve your research and development needs. ATLATL makes full use of the ecology of Zhangjiang area and cooperates with well-known CRO companies to make the project transfer efficiently and seamlessly. We can equip you with a project director, an independent experimental space. You can watch us do research and development for you anywhere in the world, communicate with you, and experience real-time research and development. Realize real-time R&D in the cloud. Through this layer, the ATLATL platform lowers the soft threshold for drug R&D innovation.
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on-site CRO to support scientists

We provide on-site CRO to support scientists and entrepreneurs around the world.


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  • Tel: +86 21-58332229
  • Address: 1077 Zhangheng Rd, Pudong District, Shanghai, China
  • Tel: +86 21-57501876
  • Address: 356 Zhengbo Rd, Lin-gang Special Area, Shanghai, China
  • Tel: +86 10-69730109
  • Address: B101 Innovation Building, 29 Shengmingyuan Rd. Changping, Beijing, China.
  • Tel: +86 512-65165156
  • Address: 9F, Building B1, No.218 Xinghu St., Suzhou Industrial Park, China.
  • Email: info@atlatl.center
  • Email: info@atlatl.center

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